JIANG Haiting





Research interests

History of Public HealthHealth Policy and ServiceHealth Humanities


Education experience

2011/09-2015/07  School of Health Policy and Management, Nanjing Medical University (BA)

2015/09-2021/07  School of Health Policy and Management,Nanjing Medical University (PhD, MD)

2018/10-2019/09  Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics, Karolinska Institutet (Joint PhD program)


Work experience

2021.10-now   School of Health HumanitiesPeking University, PostDoc



Peer-reviewed original articles (only First and corresponding author included) 

1. Jiang H.  Milestone in the history of the development of humanistic medicine [J]. Medicine & Philosophy. 2015,37(6A):50-52. (in Chinese)

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8. Jiang H. Definition, Properties and Factors of Medical Humanistic Realm [J]. Medicine & Philosophy, 2021,42(18):39-43. (in Chinese)


Peer-reviewed original articles (others) 

1. Xiong T, Jiang H, Li X, Hu D, Chen J. Study on the Situation and Improving Strategies of Medical Services Based on the View of Patients [J]. Chinese Hospital Management, 2017,37(11):27-29. (in Chinese)

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Books and book chapters (Participant)

1. Q&A: How to Have a Healthy Lifestyle [M]. Nanjing: Jiangsu Phoenix Science and Technology Publishing House. 2016  (in Chinese)

2. Exploring Humanistic Construction of Hospital [M]. Nanjing: Southeast University Press.2019 (in Chinese)

3. Comprehensive Health Care Reform in Jiangsu Province [M]. Nanjing: Jiangsu Phoenix Science and Technology Publishing House. 2019  (in Chinese)

4. New Theory of Health Humanities [M]. Nanjing: Southeast University Press.2020  (in Chinese)