Department of Health Informatics and Management

The Department of Health Informatics and Management is composed of the Division of Biomathematics and Biostatistics (established in 1959) and the Division of Computer Science (established in 1983). There are 13 faculty members in the department, including 1 full professor, 3 associate professors, 6 lecturers, and 3 teaching assistants. Among them, 6 faculty members have received doctoral degrees. Our undergraduate curricula include Advanced Mathematics, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Statistical Software and Its Applications, Mathematical Modeling, Computer Science, Web Programming, Programming Languages, and Intelligent Medicine. For graduate students, the curricula comprise Fundamentals of Biostatistics, Advanced Biostatistics, Seminars in Statistics, Application of Information Technology in Medicine, Introduction to Medical Informatics, Data Science, Big Data Analysis and others.

The department will focus on frontier medical hotspots, and make use of rich professional resources of Peking University Health Science Center. Specifically, we will utilize knowledge and technology such as text analysis, knowledge extraction, machine learning and complex networks, and carry out various multi-disciplinary studies, such as intelligent processing and analysis of health big data, text analysis of medical documents, analysis and management of medical images, the integration and analysis of multi-source data, and construction of various health service models.

The main research interests of the faculty fall into multiple medical auxiliary technology areas, such as the construction and application of medical knowledge graphs, the development and application of health information platforms, research on historical development of key medical technologies, and online medical consulting services.