PAN Longfei

PhD, lecturer


The research fields

Science and TechnologyS&T Talent, Health Theory


Administrative post

Assistant Director, Peking University Technology and Talent Research Center


Education experience

2008-2012 Peking University, Bachelor of Science

2012-2018 Peking University and Cambridge University jointly cultivate Ph.D.


Academic community     

[1]    Science and Culture Committee, China science and technology policy studies,  Executive Deputy Secretary-General;

[2]    Innovation Driven Development Committee, Chinese Association of Development Strategy Studies ,Deputy Secretary-General



[1]    Auto Culture

[2]    Theory and Practice of Science Communication

[3]    Dialectics of Nature

[4]    Medicine and Society


Academic papers

The Tension Between the Logic of Technology and Technological Nationalism——The Development of the Hongqi Limousine


Research project

[1]    Research on the development process of Hongqi Limousine, funded by China Association for Science and Technology

[2]    Research on fake health care products and medical and health knowledge literacy of the elderly, funded by China Association for Science and Technology

[3]    Participated in multiple policy research.



[1]    Selected into the youth think tanks of China Association for Science and Technology

[2]    Second Prize of the 21st Beijing Young Scholars Speech Contest