PhD, Assistant Professor



Ting Zhou

Year of birth 


The research field

Medical psychology, parenting and mental health of children





Assistant professor

Administrative post 


Education experience

2010,9-2014,7  Department of Psychology, Peking University, Ph.D

2008,9-2010,11 Department of Psychology, National University of Singapore Master of Social Science (Psychology)

2003,9–2008,7  School of Public Health, Peking University Health Science Centre, Bachelor of Medicine

Work experience

2019.4-        Department of Medical Psychology, School of Health Humanities, Peking University Health Science Centre

2014,7-2019.3  School of Management, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Academic community

Member of Chinese Association for Mental Health

social part-time job 



Medical psychology, cultural psychology, Psychological characteristics of Chinese and Health Promotion (for undergraduates)

Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology (for graduates)

Academic papers

[1].   Zhang, C., Zhou, T*., Yi, C., Liu, S., Hong, Y., & Zhang, Y. (2022). Adaptation and validation of the parental behaviour scale for autism spectrum disorder in Chinese parents. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 98. doi:10.1016/j.rasd.2022.102048

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Yi, C., Zhou, T.[M] Rebuilding Attachment: Family Therapy for Autism, World Book Inc, 2018

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Research subject

1.Parental reflective functioning and adolescent depression symptoms: the mediating role of emotional communication between parents and adolescents and intervention, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, 2022

2.A national survey of students’ mental health and influencing factors, Ministry of Education, 2021;

3.Establishment of physical examination evaluation indices for mental health based on psychosomatic theories, National Center for Mental Health and Mental Health Prevention, 2021;

4.Psychological status, needs and psychological protection system construction of patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia and front-line medical staff, Peking University, 2020


The second prize of Basic Teaching Skills Competition of Peking University, 2019;

Special Contribution Award of School of Health Humanities (Education and Teaching), 2020