ZHAO Xinyi (Isabella)

PhD, Lecturer




Research interests

Long-term care, productive aging, medical social work, medical insurance


Education experience

2010-2014, The University of Hong Kong, Doctor of Philosophy.

2008-2010, Renmin University of China, Master of Management.

2004-2008, Southeast University, Bachelor of Management.

2013, Smith College, Visiting Scholar.


Work experience

Assistant Professor, Associate Researcher, Doctoral Supervisor, School of Health Humanities, Peking University



Peer-review journal papers (* as corresponding author):

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Research Grants

Influence of providing family caregiving on the health of the sandwiched older adults and corresponding support strategies, Humanities and Social Science Fund of Ministry of Education, 2023-2025, PI.

Research on the optimization path of community-based home care for old adults with disabilities in Beijing, Social Science Fund of Beijing, 2023-2024, PI.

Research on the health status and social support needs of the elder family caregivers in long-term care for the elders, National Natural Science Foundation, 2018-2020, PI.

The seventh national survey on the practice of Chinese doctors, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, 2022, PI.