XU Honghong

PhD, Lecturer

The research field    

Mental Health, Attachment, Marriage and Family


Education experience     

2014-2015    Fuller Graduate School of Psychology (Visiting Scholar)

2008-2009    University of California, Los Angeles (Joint Training Doctor)

2007-2010    Peking University Health Science Center (PhD)

2004-2007    Peking University Health Science Center (MS)

1999-2004    Taishan Medical College (Bachelor of Clinical Medicine)


Work experience     

2010-now    Dept. of Medical Psychology, Peking University Health Science Center


Academic community    

[1] Secretary of Medical Psychology Branch of Chinese Psychological Society

[2] Editor Board: Journal of Trauma and Acute Care

[3] Reviewer: Asian Social Science; Journal of Health Education Research & Development; Psychology & Psychotherapy; Journal of Trauma and Treatment



For Undergraduates

[1] Medical Psychology

[2] Mental Health Education for College Students

For Postgraduates

[1] Psychotherapy

[2] Marriage and Family Therapy

[3] Theories and Practices


Academic papers     

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Wu, R., & Xu, H. (2013).Introduction To Healthy Marriage education, People's Medical Publishing House


Academic translation     

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The teaching material

Medical Psychology (Bilingual), People's Medical Publishing House, 2017