Tang Qi

PhD, Lecturer

The research field

Political Economics, Labor Economics


Education experience

2013.09--2018.07Peking University  Doctor of Economics

2010.09--2013.07Peking University  Bachelor of Laws ( Sociology)

2009.09--2013.07Peking University  Bachelor of Economics


Work experience

2018.8- now    Peking University Health Science Center.



[1] Health with Politics and Economics

[2] Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

[3] Introduction to the basic principles of Marxism

[4] Situation and policy


Academic papers     

[1] Tang Qi and Xia Qingjie. An Analysis of Chinese Rural Household Consuming Behaviors(19952013). Social Science Front, 201911.

[2] Xu ji and Tang Qi. A Review of Literature on Digital Economy and National Economic Accounting. Economic Perspectives, 2019(10).

[3] Tang Qi , Xia Qingjie and Li Shi. An Analysis of the Consumption Structure of Chinese Urban Households:1995—2013, Economic Research Journal, 2018(2).

[4] Xia Qingjie and Tang Qi. Influential Factors on Non-Agricultural Household Consumption Behavior in China, Social Science Front, 2017(6).

[5] Tang Qi. The 6th “China Labor Economist Forum”, Economic Science, 2017(2).

[6] Tang Qi and Qin Xuezheng. An Empirical Study on the Crowding Out Effect of Chinese Families’ Medical Consumption, Economic Science, 2016(3).


Research subject     

[1] Research on Urban and Rural Poverty Problems from the Perspective of Multidimensional Poverty13YJA790125, participated.

[2] Multidimensional Poverty Research for Beijing15JDJGA071, participated.



Third Prize of “The 19th Young Teachers Basic Teaching Competition (Medical)”, Peking University (2019)

Award of Scientific Research”, Peking University (2017)

Innovation Award (Academic) ”,Peking University (2016)