LI Yanchang

PhD, Lecturer


The research field

Health PoliticsModern Chinese HistoryHistory of Medicine.


Education experience

Peking UniversityPhD

University of OxfordAcademic Visitor


Work experience

Peking University People’s Hospital

School of Health Humanities of Peking University


Academic community    

Member of the Committee of History of Medicine, Chinese Society for the History of Science and Technology

Member of Medical Philosophy Committee, the Chinese Society for Dialectics of Nature/Philosophy of Nature, Science and Technology

Secretary-general of Sexual Humanities Committee, China Sexology Association


Research Fellowship

Research Fellow of the Joint Center of Social History of Medicine of Nanjing University-University of Birmingham-Phoenix Publishing & Media Group

Editorial Board Member of History of Science in Encyclopedia of China

Editorial Board Member of History of Medicine in Medical Encyclopedia of China



Health Politicsundergraduate

Chinese Traditional Cultureundergraduate

Mao Zedong Thought and Theories of Socialism with Chinese Characteristicsundergraduate

Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Eraundergraduate

Theories and Practices of Socialism with Chinese Characteristicspostgraduate


Academic papers     

LI Yanchang.Convergence and Divergence: the Origin and Diversified Practice of "Scientization of Chinese Medicinal Substances" in Republic of China. The Journal of Humanities, 2020, No.4, pp.58-68.

LI Yanchang. The Transition of Medical Knowledge and Concept. Journal of Dialectics of Nature, 2020, Vol.42, No.3, p.1.


LI Yanchang.Reinvestigation of the Thought of "Abolishing Yi and Reserving Yao" in Late Qing and Early Republic: Origin, Perspective and Influence. Journal of Dialectics of Nature, 2020, Vol.42, No.3, pp.1-10

LI Yanchang.Nationalization of Modern Medical Space and the Founding of the Peking Central Hospital.The Chinese Journal for The History of Science and Technology, 2019, Vol.40, No.4, pp.443-456.

LI Yanchang. "Organization and Promotion" of Antibiotic Research and Production: National Antibiotic Research Committee. Contemporary China History Studies, 2019, Vol.26, No.2, pp.37-48.

LI Yanchang. The Historical Expolration on Antibiotic Academic Conference by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1955. Contemporary China History Studies, 2017, Vol.24, No.4, pp.73-84.

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LI Yanchang. Through Technology to ConceptThe Spreading of Knowledge and Practice on Injection in Modern China. Modern Chinese History Studies, 2017, No.3, pp.130-147.

LI Yanchang, ZHANG Daqing. Western Pharmaceutical Technologies and Cognitive Approaches. Medicine and Philosophy. 2016, Vol.37, No.1A, pp.96-99.

LI Yanchang, ZHANG Daqing.“Hua-Yi Distinction” and “Chinese-Western Distinction” : The Differentiation and Evolution of Drug Terms in Early Modern Chinese History. The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology. 2015, Vol.36, No.3, pp,336-347.

LI Yanchang, WANG Yue. the Positive Effect of Drug Law on AIDS Prevention and Treatment. The Chinese Journal of Human Sexuality, 2009, Vol.18, No.8, pp.10-13.

LI Yanchang, WANG Yue. Build a Harmonious Doctor-Patient Relationship through Strengthening Medical Ethics. China Human Health Resources. 2007, No.8, pp.54--55.

WANG Yue, LI Yanchang. Policies and Suggestions on the Prevention and Control of AIDS/HIV in Migrants. The Chinese Journal of Human Sexuality, 2004, Vol.13, No.3, pp.30-3134.


Academic Projects

Social History of Antibiotics in China1941-1978

Modern Chinese Scientific Societies

Data Collecting Program on Senior Scientists of China

The Evolution of Health System and the Development Approach in Hebei Province.

The CASST and the Museum of Science and Technology in Rural Middle School

CCTV Documentary of World-shaking Long March



Excellent Teacher of Peking University Health Science Center2015

Outstanding Union Administrator of Peking University2018