GUO Liping

PhD, Professor







Research Field

Narrative medicine, medical humanities education




Ph.D in the History of Science and Technology

Academic Title


Administrative Post(s)

Chair, Dept. of Language and Culture in Medicine; Vice Dean, School of Health Humanities

Educational Experience

BA in English, Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute

MA in Applied Linguistics, Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute

Ph.D in the History of Science and Technology, Peking University

Work Experience

English Dept, Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute

School of Health Humanities , Peking University

Social Part-time Job 

Vice editor-in-Chief, (Chinese journal of ) Narrative Medicine

Courses Taught

English Speaking, BME undergraduates

Introduction to Literature and Medicine(co-taught), BME undergraduates

Introduction to the Medical Humanities (co-taught) , graduate students of all schools of PUHSC;

Cross Cultural Health Humanities and Medical Humanities, graduate students of Yenching Academy 

Selected Academic Papers

[1] GUO Liping. The Philosophical Foundations of Biomedicine and  Narrative Medicine. Narrative Medicine. 2021, 4(1): 27-32.

[2] GUO, Liping. Narrative Medicine in China: Present and Future. Medicine and Philosophy, 2020, 41(10): 4-8. 

[3]GUO, Liping, WANG Yifang. The Localized Development of Narrative Medicine in China. Chinese Medical Ethics. 2019, 32(2):147-152

[4] GUO Liping. What is Narrative Medicine. Journal of Zhejiang   University (Medical Sciences). 2019, 48(5); 467-473.

[5]GUO, Liping, The development and localization of Narrative Medicine. Narrative Medicine. 2018, 1(1): 13-17. 

[6] GUO, Liping. Narrative ethics in clinical practice. (Chinese journal) Medicine and Philosophy. 2018, 39(5A): 15-18; 46. 

[7] GUO, Liping, Aiding China: American Bureau for Medical Aid to China 1937-1949. The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology. 2016, 37(1): 27-39.  

[8] GUO, Liping. From Literature and Medicine to Narrative Medicine. Scientific Culture Review, 2013, 10(3): 5-22. 

[9] Guo Liping & Dong Zhe. Catalyst of Collaboration: The NIH in Biomedical Exchanges between the People’s Republic of China and the USA,  Archives Internatioalales D ’ Histoire Des Sciences,  vol.56, No.156-157, June-December, 2006

Monographs/Edited Volumes

[1] Vivienne Lo, Chris Berry, Guo Liping eds.  Film and the Chinese Medical Humanities  . London: Routledge, 2020.

[2] Daniel Vuillerman, Guo Liping eds. Chinese Medical Humanities Reviewn(English edition). Beijing: Peking University Medical Press. 2016

[3] Guo Liping ed. Chinese Medical Humanities Review. Beijing: Peking University Medical Press. 2013 

Translation of Academic Works

[1] Narrative Medicine: Honoring the Stories of Illness. (chief translator, with Weij Jihong & Zhang Ruiling).Beijing: Peking University Medical  Press. 2015.

[2] The Principles and Practice of Narrative Medicine. ((chief translator, with Huang Ring & Qiao Yuling).Beijing: Peking University Medical Press. 2021


[1]GUO, Liping. Narrative Medicine (textbook for hospital residents). Beijing: People’s Medical Publishing House, 2020. 

[2]GUO Liping, LU Jianshun, AO Yingfang. eds. The 2022 Winter Olympics English Course book for Healthcare Professionals in Winter Sports. Beijing: Peking University Medical Press, 2020.

[3] Introduction to Clinical Medicine. HE Shuixiang, Huang Gang, Wan Xuehong eds. Guo Liping  et al. associate editiors-in-chief. Beijing: People’s Medical Publishing House. 2021.


Publications (Book Chapters)

[1] GUO Liping. The Gigantic Black Citadel: Design of Death and Medical Humanities Pedagogy in China. In Lo V., Berry C., GUO LP. Eds. Film and the Chinese Medical Humanities. London and New York: Routledge, 2020: 135-145. 

[2]CONNOR, U., GUO, LP, GUSICH, J., DOBSON, K. Adapting methodology to diverse cultural contexts . In Anton M & Goering E. eds. Understanding Patients’ Voices: A Multi-method Approach to Health Discourse. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2015:123-134.

Research Grant(s)



Excellent Teaching Award of Peking University , 2014

Top 10 Teachers of Peking University, 2018.