GUAN Ruiyuan

PhD, Professor

The research field    

Empathy, Stress and Coping


Administrative post

Director of Department of Medical Psychology, Peking University Health Science Center


Education experience     

2005-2010     Peking University (PhD in Psychology)

2000-2003       Tsinghua University (MS in Psychology)

1991-1996       Qingdao University Medical School (Bachelor of Medicine)



[1] Medical Psychology

[2] Counseling and Psychotherapy

[3] Group Counseling and Therapy


Academic papers     

[1]   GuanR.Y. Gao, J., Liu, G.Z. Cheng, F. & Ge B.L.(2016). The mediating effect of Perceived Social Acknowledgment on the relationship between patient assaults and posttraumatic stress reactions in Emergency. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 1-17.

[2]   Guan, R.Y., Jin, L.L., & Qian, M.Y. (2012).Cross-cultural validation of the Empathy Quotient-Short Form among Chinese nursing professionals. Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal,40(1): 75-84.1.