PhD, Associate Professor

The research field


History of Medicine, History of Public Health, Medical Humanities, Medical Education


Administrative post

Assistant Director, School of Health Humanities, Peking University


Education experience

2014-2015   Department of History and Philosophy of ScienceUniversity of Cambridge, UK (Visiting Scholar)

2008-2012   School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University, China (PhD)

2002-2005   Center for Social Studies of Science, Peking University, China (MA)

1996-2001   Capital Medical University, Beijing, China (BA)


Work experience     

2005-now    Peking University Health Science Center


Academic community    

Secretary-General of the Chinese Society of the History of Medicine



[1] History of Medicine

[2] The Comparative Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine


Academic papers     

[1] Qi Chen. The Introduction of Anesthesia into China [J]. Vesalius (Journal of the International Society for the History of Medicine), 2017, 23(1):126-132.

[2] Qi Chen, Siqing Lian, M A Plegue, M D Fetters. First-year medical student attitudes about general practice in China [J]. Advances in Medical Education and Practice, 2019, 10: 571-579.

[3] Siqing Lian, Qi Chen, Mi Yao, Chunhua Chi, M D Fetters. Training Pathways to Working as a General Practitioner in China. Fam Med. 2019; 51 (3):262-270.

[4] Qi Chen, Daqing Zhang, “Keeping Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Testing Its Drugs: The Value of TCM in Modern Society. On Tu Youyou’s Winning of the Nobel Prize for the Discovery of Artemisinin”, Journal of Dialectics of Nature, 2016, 38 (1):25-31.

[5] Qi Chen, “The Relationship between Ancient Chinese Medicine, Anatomy and Forensic Medicine”, Medicine and Philosophy, 2015, 36(12A):83-86.

[6] Qi Chen, “Dr. Szeming Sze and the Establishment of the World Health Organization”, Chinese Medical Humanities Review, 2010, 3: 72-78.

[7] Qi Chen, “K. Chimin Wong and Wu Lien-Teh’s History of Chinese Medicine and Its Chinese Version”, Medicine and Philosophy, 2008, 27(1):53-55.

[8] Qi Chen, Daqing Zhang, “The Evolution of USA’s National Bioethics Commissions and the Inspiration from It”, Medicine and Philosophy, 2005, 26(2):35-38.

[9] Coeditor of “The Introduction and Spread of Modern Western Medicine in China” (to be published by Commercial Press in China)


Research subject     

[1] Beijing Municipal Commission of Education Research Program Grant (PI), “The History of Chinese Healthcare and Disease Prevention System”, 2013-2015.

[2] Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute for the History of Natural Sciences Research Program Grant, “The Introduction and Spread of the Western Medical Technology in China”, 2013-2015.

[3] Henry Luce Foundation, “History of Western Medicine in China (1800-1950)”, 2010-2014.

[4] China Association for Science and Technology Research Program Grant, “Birth Control: Key Technologies and Its Social Implications”, 2012-2013.

[5] China Association for Science and Technology Research Program Grant, “The Academic Pedigree of Chinese Medical Scientist”, 2011-2013.