PhD, Lecturer



The research field

Chinese Calligraphy History and The Practice

The Chinese and Foreign Art History

Medical Humanities


Education experience

09.1997--07.2001 School of Chinese and Litertures, ShaanXi Normal University, Undergraduate

09.2001--07. 2004 School of Chinese and Litertures,ShaanXi  Normal  University , Master

09.2004--07. 2007 School of Philosophy, RenMin University of China, Doctor


Work experience

07.2007--09.2012 Research Department,Beijing Federation of Literary and Art circles

10.2012--12. 2015 Communication Center for Literay and Arts on Internet,China Federation of Literary and Art Circles

01.2016--09.2020 Postdoctoral mobile station,Central Academy of Fine Arts

10.2020--   Peking University School of Health Humanities


Academic community    

1.Director of China Literature and Art Criticism Association

2.Member of female Calligrapher's Committee of Chinese Calligrapher's Association

3.Director of Beijing Calligrapher's Association


Social part-time job

1.Vice President of Haidian Youth Federation

2.Member of Beijing Youth Federation



1.Chinese Calligraphy aesthetics and copy

2.the Chinese and foreign art history


Academic papers     

Since 2010, main papers:

1.The development of calligraphy,Chinese Calligraphy,05.2010

2.How far are we from the aesthetic of calligraphy, Literature and Art Prosperity and Value GuidanceCentral document publishing house01.2011

3.Insight into the calligraphy, Art Observation,08.2011

4.Reflection on "Calligraphy fever",Literary contention08.2011

5.The Art of calligraphy can be internationalized only if it adheres to tradition.People's Daily,6.7.2013

6.Reflection on contemporary calligraphy "showing off skills",Art Observation,07.2013

7.Thinking of calligraphy fewer,Art Observation,09.2013

8.Some problems in the creation of seal cutting,Art Observation,07.2014

9.Innovation of style in the study of the history of Chinese calligraphy.Literary and Art Press 12.1 2014

10.Contemporary calligrapher, who are you writing for,Art Observation,06.2015

11.The Advantages and Disadvantages of anonymous Review.Art Observation 12.2016

12.Science, art and calligraphy in the early 20th century,Chinese Calligraphy,02.2017

13.Formal criticism and the modern transformation of ancient calligraphy theory, China Literature and Art Criticism,02.2017

14.Art, through the east and west, China Literature and Art Criticism 09.2017

15.The spatial turn of Chinese calligraphy theory, Space and Perception,Rong Bao Zhai Press,12.2017

16.40 years of innovation in Chinese calligraphy,The People's Daily,09.06.2018

17.How to see Mo Yan's "calligraphy exhibition",Guangming Daily,10.30.2018

18.Tradition and diversityNew trends in calligraphy,Chinese Calligraphy 11.2018

19.Shen Peng’s Cultural Anxiety and Its Inspiration on Contemporary Calligraphy, China Literature and Art Criticism, 12.2019

20.Three aspects of contemporary youth calligraphy creation,Youth literature and art National imageZhe Jjiang People's Publishing House03. 2020

21.A view of media space,new exploration of Han Dynasty ScribeAnhui Fine Arts Publishing House,10.2020



1.06,2009, The Study on the Acceptance of Lantig Preface in Tang and Song Dynasties,Southern Publishing

2.03,2013, The Study on the Acceptance of Lantig Preface in Tang and Song Dynasties,Hua Mu Lan Culture  Press(Tai Wan)

3.08,2014, An explanation of the contemporary phenomenon of calligraphyGuangXi Normal University Press

4.01,2017, An explanation of the contemporary phenomenon of calligraphyGuangXi Normal University Press

5.03,2017The Study on the Acceptance of Lantig Preface in Tang and Song Dynasties,Hua Mu Lan Culture  Press(Tai Wan)

6.04,2013, The national famous female calligrapher's  collection  Bai Rui volumeRong Bao Zhai Press

7.05,2014, The contemporary famous young calligrapher five-person fine works exhibition Bai Rui volume   HuNan fine arts publishing house


The teaching material    

Zheng Xiaohua.University of calligraphy,Renmin University of China Press,10.2018Lead writer


Other results

Differentiating & Analyzing on the Relationship Between Ancient Chinese Calligraphy and Painting China Postdoctoral Science Fund 2017



1.08.2008awarded third prize in the second national cursive exhibition,Organized by Chinese calligrapher's association

2.12.2009awarded the third LanTing Prize of Chinese calligraphy,organized by Chinese calligrapher's association

3.12.2016awarded 2016 excellent art critical works ,organized by China Literature and Art Criticism Association

4.10.2019awaeded 100 positive Internet role models,organized by China Internet development foundation.