The 128th Peking University Medical Humanities Forum: Music therapy in the field of children

Lecture Information:

Time: March 27, 2024 (Wednesday) 18:40-20:30

Venue:Room 212, Yifu Teaching Building

Speaker: Professor Wolfgang Mastnak (University of Music and Drama Munich, Germany)

Moderator: Associate Professor Zhou Ting (School of Health Humanities, Peking University)

Lecture Title: Music therapy in the field of children


Child-centered music therapy was crucial in the early development of modern music therapy in the West and remains a promising and challenging focus internationally. This lecture will present important research areas and goals of music therapy in the child population, including behavioral and central nervous improvement in autism spectrum disorders, language development in children with cerebral palsy, and improvement in attention deficits and learning disabilities. These areas need to be analyzed in the context of the current situation in the field of epidemiology and health statistics in China, as well as the social and cultural situation in China, including ethnic minorities. While music therapy is often distinguished from music medicine in the West, this lecture highlights an integrated intervention model that requires interdisciplinary thinking and research, as well as therapeutic, developmental psychological and educational factors.