The 127th Peking University Medical Humanities Forum: Building a healthy China and modernizing China

Lecture Information:

Time: March 21, 2024 (Thursday) 18:40-20:30

Venue:3,Biochemistry Building, Peking University Health Science Center

Speaker: Professor Chen Qiulin (Health Industry Development Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Moderator: Professor Wang Yue (School of Health Humanities, Peking University)

Lecture Title: Building a healthy China and modernizing China


Health is an inherent requirement of Chinese modernization. Promoting the construction of healthy China is based on deepening the understanding that health is both the purpose and source of development. This lecture will discuss issues related to the construction of a healthy China and the modernization of China. To promote the construction of healthy China, we should not only adhere to the value orientation of Chinese modernization, but also reflect the basic characteristics of Chinese modernization.