XIAO Yineng



The research field

Intellectual Property Law, Health Law, Technology and Medical Policy


Education experience

2009-2013 Peking University, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Bachelor of Science;

2011-2014 Peking University, Law School, Bachelor of Laws (Dual Degree);

2013-2020 Peking University, Law School, Doctor of Law;

2014-2015 Stanford University, visiting scholar;

2016-2017 Cambridge University, visiting scholar

Work experience

2020-present Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Health Humanities, Peking University.


Academic community    

Honorary President of Peking University Liberal Education Society


Academic papers

[1] XIAO Yineng. Economic Analysis of Parallel Import of Trademarks Under Sino-US Trade Friction [J].Internet Law Review.2020,24(02). (December 2020)(CSSCI series)

[2] XIAO Yineng. Socialized Knowledge Production and Intellectual Property System in the Internet Era——A Marxist Economic Viewpoint[J]. Southeast Academic, 2020(04); (CSSCI)

[3] XIAO Yineng. Discussion on the mixed management model of public law-soft law-private law for the protection and utilization of Tibetan intangible cultural heritage[J]. Journal of Tibet University (Social Science Edition), 2019, 34(01); (CSSCI)

[4] XIAO Yineng. Knowledge Commons in the Locke Age and Knowledge Sharing in the Internet Age [J]. Science and Technology and Law, 2016(03); (CSSCI Extended Edition)

[5] XIAO Yineng. The weakening of the private right nature of patents and the nature of private tax collection [J]. Internet Law Review, 2013, 17(02). (CSSCI Collection)


Research subject

[1] Legislative Research on the Regulations on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases in Beijing. Beijing Health and Health Commission ,2020, the main participant.

[2] China Internet Industry Innovation observation report, Tencent Research Institute ,2015, the main participant.


[3] Copyright management of massive online open courses, Peking University ,2015, the main participant.

[4] Empirical study on patent litigation in the United States by Chinese enterprises (English). Stanford University ,2014, the main participant.



[1]2010 National Scholarship (national level)

[2]2011-2012 Peking University Outstanding League Leader Award(school level)

[3]2013-2014 Peking University Learning Excellence Award (School level)

[4]2014-2015 Graduate Scholarship of Peking University (School level)

[5]2014-2015 Peking University Enrollment Advanced Individuals Award(school level)