LI Xiaojie



The research field    



Education experience     

2013-2018    Institute of Science, Technology and Society, Tsinghua University (PhD)

2015-2016    Harvard University (Visiting Scholar)

2014-2015    Cambridge University (Visiting Student)

2010-2013    Tsinghua University (M. Phil)

2007-2008    Peking University (Visiting Student)

2006-2010    Inner Mongolia University (BA)


Work experience     

2019.11-now   Department of History of Science, Harvard University (Postdoctor)

2018.9- now   School of Health Humanities, Peking University Health Science Center (Postdoctor)


Academic papers     

[1] Li Xiaojie Li (2018.11), the moral order in the era of Life 3.0.Science and Society.12-19

[2] Li Xiaojie &Wang Pusheng (2018.5), Informed Consent of Biobank: Under the Perspective of Biocitizens. Science and Society. 24-28

[3] Li Xiaojie2016.5, Self-identity and life: Exploring Rose & Novas Biocitizenship, Research of Natural Dialectics: 9-12

[4] Li Xiaojie &Wang Pusheng (2016.5), Informed Consent in the Big Data Era. Medical Science and Philosophy, 9-12

[5] Li Xiaojie & Wang Pusheng (2012). On Gong Yuzhi's Work and Viewpoint of Science Translation. Research of Natural Dialectics. 107-110

[6] Li Xiaojie, BirthControl Policy and the employment of female in China 2016 Baby Market Congree, University of California, Irvine School of Law, April 1, 2016

[7] Li Xiaojie, Involving citizens in the data bank: a case study of the China Marrow Donor Program, 4S Sydney Conference, 2018.9

[8] Li Xiaojie, Women’s obstetric autonomy in rural China, World Congress of Bioethics, 2018

[9] Li Xiaojie, Ethical issues related to cross national biomedical data sharing.7th conference European Association of Health Law, 2019


Research subject     

[1] Postdoctoral international dispatch program, postdoctoral foundation 2019-2021, applicant

[2] Research on equity of big data in health care, funded by China postdoctoral science foundation, 2019-2021, applicant

[3] Popular science policy in the social background: taking several opinions on strengthening the popularization of science and technology as an example, the applicant of China association for science and technology from 2012 to 2013

[4] Bone marrow donor volunteer retention study 2018-2020, important participant of Chinese bone marrow bank

[5] Research on prioritizing the development of modern service industry to promote economic transformation and upgrading 2012-2013, important participant of Shenzhen municipal government



[1] Joint school education social science medical research paper award, 2018

[2] Excellent practice team leader of Tsinghua University, 2014

[3] Tsinghua university academic rookie nomination award, 2012

[4] "Furong Students" national outstanding college students, 2010